This is a simple concept. Businesses all over Canada struggle daily to maintain driver fleets large enough to provide service. On many occasions a single extra temporary driver would be enough to keep customer service at an optimum level. Our mandate at RoadWages is to provide delivery companies all over the country with a database of available drivers. Searching our site is free for anyone wishing to browse our driver base.

Drivers who sign on with RoadWages are encouraged to provide as much information as possible in their personal profiles, so that searchers can make educated decisions about who they want to contact.

Following are some of the features we think will assist transportation employers in their hiring process:

  • Browse for drivers geographically and in three main categories: Couriers, Cartage, and Truck owner/operators.
  • All negotiations between drivers and employers are completed offsite without interference from RoadWages.
  • Driver information is provided at the discretion of each individual. They may choose to edit their profile at any time.