Are you planning a road trip, and have some spare trunk space? Maybe you have a regular commute and you would like to earn some extra cash for going there anyway. These guidelines are meant as suggestions to assist drivers  achieve positive and successful experiences on

  • It all begins with a thoughtful and informative profile. Let prospective customers know who you are, and be selective about the areas you want to serve. Knowing exactly how you can serve the customer goes a long way.
  • Remember, the price posted and paid all goes to you, the driver. If there are shipment size, or distance discrepancies, we encourage you to message the shipper and negotiate a fair and honest rate adjustment. Only make promises you know you can keep, and treat shippers courteously and with respect at all times.
  • Where possible, volume is always better than single shipment pricing. Try to build a profitable route with multiple clients.If you’re only interested in making single deliveries that’s fine, but be sure of your earning expectations.
  • Treat shippers’ deliveries with as much care as you would your own.Getting it there is only half the job. Careful handling of parcels is essential.
  • Prepare your route before setting out on delivery. This will save you time and fuel.
  • Be polite and friendly. It costs nothing to be kind, and the rewards it can reap are limitless.
  • Have fun with the process and try to be flexible. Let people know you’re the one that’s willing to go that extra mile for service. It will be remembered.
  • Get clear instructions and contact information in case of problems on the road. Communicating when challenges arise will help ease the stress.
  • Ask for signatures or at least a clear name at the delivery destination.Your customer will then know who to contact if a parcel goes missing.
  • Be sure to thank both the shipper and receiver for their business.You never know where that next customer will come from.
  • Refer back to the RoadWages website as often as possible. An opportunity for more business can come up when you least expect it.
  • Keeping a high rating helps customers find you first. Also, keep track of your best rated customers in your favourites.
  • Make contact with other RoadWages drivers who might cross paths with you. There may be other opportunities for networking and growth on RoadWages.
  • Keep your vehicle in top condition. Your earnings depend on it,literally. Clean your vehicle regularly. It may only be a package, but your customer will notice the extra care you take.
  • It is illegal to carry firearms or controlled substances. Be aware of regional laws regarding the shipping of goods.
  • Report any website abuses to RoadWages support immediately.We will investigate the matter and take appropriate measures to ensure that the RoadWages experience is best possible for everyone.