When do I drive and how am I paid?

  • Drivers are free to  negotiate with delivery companies on hours and compensation.

What is the charge for searching?

  • RoadWages is free to anyone wishing to browse our database. Contact the driver directly and negotiate your own terms for employment.

Are there any hidden fees or commissions?

  • No.  RoadWages only charges a nominal monthly fee to drivers who are listed. There are no other charges.

What if my driving availability fits more than one category?

  • You always have the option to select as many categories as you see fit in your personal profile. 

Do I need to download any apps or software?

  • No the RoadWages web platform works on all devices.

Who owns the content of my profile?

  • Your profile should be treated like a resume. Only submit information you wish known for hiring purposes.

How will companies find me?

  • Search parameters are based on geographical location and driver type. All other information required that is not listed on your profile will be discussed privately between the two parties.

Who does RoadWages share my information with?

  • Driver information is free for employers to browse. RoadWages will not share your profile for any other purpose than to post on this website.