Pricing Made Simple

100% of the following service prices are charged for the drivers’ benefit. Delivery times are approximate.

  • Road Trips:              3-5 business days $0.06/km+ for one time long distance trips
  • Overnight Service:     1-2 business days from time of payment $0.12/km
  • Next Day Service:       24 hours from time of payment $0.20/km
  • Same day Service:     4-6 hours from time of payment $0.40/km (please allow for sufficient driver time for delivery.)
  • More Urgent?:          Contact driver directly through Messaging portal.
  • Extra charges: Medium Shipments: $10, Large Shipments: $20, Extra Large Shipments: $40 (added to shipment base price)
  • Drivers will contact shippers to arrange pick up time. Please provide your best contact info.
  • Certain cars can only carry so much. Please be clear about the size of your shipment when ordering.
  • There is a minimum charge of $4 plus transaction fee for all short distance deliveries.
  • A 15% transaction fee will be applied to all shipments.
  • Applicable HST charges will be added at checkout.